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Why is AmeriBatt Created Unique?

While people get used to retire their Li-ion cells in around 3 years, they may not know that well-engineered Li-ion cells can operate for more than 10 years! The usually accepted concept of 3-year operation is resulted from the fact that the worldwide Li-ion cell manufacturers set their top priority of research pursuing higher NOMINAL CAPACITY or delivering longer run-time per discharge.  

At AmeriBatt, we have a unique belief in valuing the true green energy. We deeply believe that the true green energy requires us to create Li-ion cells to operate for more than 10 years. To achieve this meaningful goal, we set our top priority of research pursuing the longest cycle life or the HIGHEST LIFETIME CAPACITY, followed by the higher specific energy, then the higher specific power.

Let’s carefully observe the chart of LIFETIME CAPACITY described in one of AmeriBatt’s blog posts as follows. 


LIFETIME-CAPACITY-wise, The AmeriBatt NCM18650-22PL5 cell delivers 3,950 Ah but the Panasonic NCR18650B only delivers 1,400 Ah. What a BIG CAPACITY DIFFERENCE through the LIFETIME view! You may feel curious about the reason why the nominal capacity of Panasonic NCR18650B degenerates so sharp. It looks unbelievable especially when the battery is made by the famous Panasonic. Unfortunately, it is a laboratory tested fact. We find that the the same fact is valid when the Samsung 35E and the LG MJ1 are tested in our laboratory. There are several reasons contribute to this fact and the major reason is that these high energy cells with super nominal capacity are operating at high rate of SEI (Solid Electrolyte Interface) formation during the charging & discharging phases, which consumes considerable amount of active Li+ ions and thus causes the internal ionic resistance to grow faster. Consequently, you get the rapid capacity decay!    

To create Li-ion cells that may operate for more than 10 years, the battery cell researchers must find ways to slow down the aging rate of the internal ionic resistance. It requires professional engineering expertise to solve the fast aging problem. The research scientists must know how to allocate the battery energy storage band to operate with the applied electrolyte at lower SEI formation rate. An well-engineered Li-on battery using  proprietary stable electrolyte can definitely slow down the aging rate of its internal ionic resistance and be used for more than 10 years. A good example is the AmeriBatt NMC18650-24EL energy cell. This is still a pioneering field in the Li-ion cell industry. However, the professional research scientists at AmeriBatt have already gained rich expertise in uniquely creating the ultra long life Li-ion cells, either power cell or energy cell, to obtain the HIGHEST LIFETIME CAPACITY.


Where are AmeriBatt Li-ion Cells positioned?

The second priority of our research is to pursue the highest performance, which includes the higher specific energy and the higher specific power. Please refer to the following chart. We can easily judge the cell performance by positioning a cell with its coordinate (specific power, specific energy) on the Ragone chart. The worldwide Li-ion battery technology is advancing in upper right direction and in the boundaries between 0.1 hour-rate (i.e. power cells) and 0.9 hour-rate (i.e. energy cells). If we plot the lines of 300 Wh/kg and 400 Wh/kg equalizer, you may easily compare the technology advancement status of AmeriBatt cells and other cells made by those name brands. AmeriBatt currently owns the world top class technology (exceeding the 400 Wh/kg equalizer) to manufacture higher specific energy cells with higher specific power! We will update this Ragone chart when we have more test data in future.

* All data in the above Ragone chart are measured using the same equipment at the same ambient temperature and calculated by the same statistical method.

How do we address the Safety of AmeriBatt Cells?

To assure the highly safe operation in the fields, our battery test laboratory conducts the cell safety tests in a very strict manner. These tests include the following 12 items:   

  • High temperature (60 ºC) test and low temperature (-20 ºC) test
  • Thermal shock test (-40 ºC => +25 ºC => +85 ºC => +25 ºC => -40 ºC)
  • Over-charge test (charge at 3C up to 10.0 V)
  • Over-discharge test (discharge at 0.2C to 1.0 V)
  • Short circuit test (short circuit by 30 mOhm wire at 25  ºC)
  • Vertical impact (axially hit by dropping a 9.1 kg metal rod of 15.8 mm diameter from the height of 610 mm)
  • Crush test (cell longitudinal axis parallel to the flat surfaces of the crushing apparatus, apply 3,000 pounds force)
  • Heating test in a hot oven ( rise temperature at 5?/min until 130 ?, keep cell temperature at 130 ºC for 60 minutes)
  • Drop test (drop from the height of 1.5 m to concrete floor, two axial directions and two random radial directions, twice of each direction)
  • Vibration test (0.06″ excursion, axial/vertical directions, 10 Hz <=> 55 Hz at 1 Cycle/minute for 100 minutes)
  • Mechanical shock (X-Y-Z directions, a minimum mean acceleration of 75 G at the first 3 ms, following by peak accelerations between 125 G and 175 G)

Continuous observation for 1 hour is required after each test. There must be no explosion, no fire, no smoke and no electrolyte leakage to pass the safety test criteria.

Premium Lithium Ion Cells Proudly Engineered and Tested in the U.S.A.

AmeriBatt battery cells are proudly engineered and tested in the USA. We started running our battery test laboratory back in 2013, continued with intensified researches on improving the electrolyte with our proprietary formula, focusing on optimizing the NMC cathode structure to associate working with the advanced proprietary electrolyte, then manufacture the AmeriBatt cells by outsourcing the approved global cell manufacturers who are equipped with fully automatic cell manufacturing machines in clean rooms. All AmeriBatt cells contains our proprietary electrolyte and the custom designed cathode structure. They uniquely features ultra long life, high performance and high safety driven by our value belief.