All AmeriBatt  NMC lithium ion cells are US ENGINEERED! Please refer to the following four categories and click on the hyperlinks to find their corresponding cell specifications that best fit your application!

The lists shown below are four main categories of lithium ion cells designed to meet various power demands for each type of application. For example, a DC motor that runs on batteries is going to be a heavy duty application than a flashlight. Thus, heavy duty cells may be more appropriate for DC motor applications.

Heavy duty cells are rated for heavy duty applications where the load is a high current draw. Max Current Rating: continuous discharge of up to 25 A

Power cells are rated for medium duty applications where the load is not as heavy or is intermittently heavy. Max Current Rating: continuous discharge of up to 10 – 15 A

Energy cells are rated for light duty applications where the load on the power source is relatively low. Energy cells should not be used in heavy duty applications as the battery may quickly heat up and get too hot under heavy load. This puts users at risk for battery failure or equipment failure. Max Current Rating: continuous discharge of up to 8 A or less







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