Heavy Duty (True High Drain with Rarely Ultra Long Life):

  • True High Drain: continuous 30 A (max.); continuous 25 A (optimum)
  • Real-Time Tested Cycle Life: more than 1,600 deep cycles @25A CC discharge
  • Lifetime capacity: 2,110 Ah (Power Phase) plus 1,410 Ah (Energy Phase); about 3,520 Ah in total
  • Low IR: 9.7 mOhm in average (ACIR @1.0 kHz)

Nominal Capacity & Energy:

  • 2,600 mAh @2.6A CC discharge, 9.6 Wh, 3.7 V (nominal)
  • 3,100 mAh @25A CC discharge, 11.5 Wh, 3.7V (nominal)

High Performance:

  • High Specific Energy: 186 Wh/kg
  • High Specific Power: 1,489 W/kg
  • Position in Ragone Chart: NMC18650-26HD (click the link and scroll down to view the third bottom paragraph)

High Safety:


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The AmeriBatt NMC20650-26HD battery cell was engineered with the world top class technology in late 2015. It is created for HEAVY DUTY applications, which means that it features not only High Drain but also Rarely Ultra Long Life! It is very ideal for any application that demands high power and long run-time but is limited in weight and space. 

With outstanding performances in high specific energy (186 Wh/kg) and high specific power (1,489 W/kg in average), the AmeriBatt NMC20650-26HD battery cell is a very good fit for wide applications, such as heavy duty robots, aviation planes, satellites, space flight, portable motorized medical equipment and wide dynamic range energy storage system.

For further detailed information, please click the next link to view the Specification Sheet with Engineering Test Charts.


* Owing to the technology advancement, all published documents are based on the newest available test data, which may be subject to change without notice. All published documents are duly created for descriptive purpose only and are not intended to make or imply any guarantee or warranty. 


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